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Default Re: Shrines

I don't go past that very often, but will try to remember to try to take a close-up pic of the plaque next time I go by. I tried blowing it up via zoom, but it got too fuzzy to decipher. It does kind of look like there may be a list of at least 12 names on there, but I counted 15 pillars so haven't a clue if the pillars were meant to signify an individual....or was merely a symmetrical design. But it is intriguing!:icon_smile:
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Default Re: Shrines

Wow - now that I'm logged in I can see Diane's and Legz's very nice pix.

I like those small spots of honor like the one you posted. Nice little remembrance of a loved one.

That spot you posted, Legz, does look like a memorial. Why don't you head out there soon and let us know what the plaque sez. I'm real curious.