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Default hi everyone

Have been reading/watching this site for quite some time.Have many questions for all but will just start with a few.
1. With the earthquake recently in Haiti I am wondering how all of you folks feel about the construction of your houses in baja?
2. Is there earthquake insurance in Baja & how much would it cost?
I know that building regulations may vary from one part of Baja to another but I am just interested in the safety of my home when I do end up in Baja.
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Default Re: hi everyone

Hola Tahoe, interesting question, as most people in this area seem more concerned about hurricanes. There have been a couple of minor earthquakes since I moved here in 2007, but ('scuse the pun), nothing earthshaking. My thinking has been that low-rise masonry construction such as we have in La Paz is pretty earthquake resistant. I don't know about the availability of insurance coverage, but probably somebody will.
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Default Re: hi everyone

Yup!! To get hurricane insurance, you need to take the full coverage that included hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions & more! Cost is based on insured value of structure & has a 3% (I think) fixed deductible. Go to . They have a brochure in English, so site MAY have English button as well. Annual premium on value of $200K is $1,175 USD.

Different companies have different levels of coverage, varying rates & deductible amounts, but ALL companies raised their rates (a LOT!) & lowered their coverage levels after Hurricane John.

I don't lose any sleep at all over earthquakes....but I DO have total respect for hurricanes!

I had my place built to high standards & while some of the finish detail sucks, I have no doubts about the structural integrity.

BajaGringo has a thread which follows his construction at:

And I have one using foam block construction at:

Check both threads out, you'll see quality structural integrity in each different construction material.
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Default Re: hi everyone

Up here where we are located on the northern Pacific side of the peninsula there isn't too much concern about hurricanes making it this far north. As far as earthquakes, good quality construction is the best insurance policy you will find IMHO...
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Default Re: hi everyone

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Default Re: hi everyone

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