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Default Tourist Businesses Close For Lack Of Clients

El Vigí = NOTICIAS =

"...Tiendas de curiosidades, licores, abarrotes, restaurantes de mariscos, internet y farmacias, que ocupaban locales al rededor de las calles Primera y Morelos, ahora los locales lucen abandonados.

“Toda esta zona vive del turismo, la gente de Chapultepec casi no compra en las tiendas, lo fuerte son los turistas que van a los campos, hoteles y playas del Faro, Monalisa y del Estero”, informó el comerciante Alberto Quintero...

...Hace tres años los clientes eran principalmente turistas que acudían a playas, hoteles o campos turísticos, y llegaban a comprar cohetes, ahora no hay turistas.

Incluso ya no hay playas públicas, hay que pagar por entrar a ellas y eso desalienta al turista, pues se tienen que ir mas hacia el sur, comentó Víctor Alvarez Ayón, propietario de una tienda de cohetes...

...Las ventas, dijo, han bajado mas del 80 por ciento..."

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Default Re: Tourist Businesses Close For Lack Of Clients

The drop in tourism has been devastating to Tijuana / Rosarito. The businesses that will survive are those who learn (quickly) to adapt and cater to local clientele. Las Vegas is going through something similar as their numbers are way down and is reflected in one of the greatest drops in housing values in the country. A friend of mine who moved there back in the mid 80's to find work, fame (ha!) and fortune did well for a long time. He just told me that this was his last summer in Vegas.

He sold the house for over 50% less than it was worth a couple of years ago and is moving to Costa Rica where he has another home...
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Default Re: Tourist Businesses Close For Lack Of Clients

LA Times recently ran a series profiling several people, as examples of folks who emigrated from all over the country for higher paying jobs and a better standard of living in "booming' Vegas, and how their dreams have been shattered by the huge drop in visitors.

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