Driving in Baja Do We Need a Permit? / Traffic Laws / Crooked Cops

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Default Baja Traffic Cops - Pay the Mordida?


If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation in Tijuana or Rosarito, you should always politely insist on a written citation that you could pay either at the police station, or by mail. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO THE TRAFFIC COP WHO STOPPED YOU.

Tickets issued in Tijuana can be paid in the USA with a check or money order made out to:

H. Ayuntamiento de Tijuana
416 West San Ysidro Blvd.
Suite “L”, No. 725
San Ysidro, CA 92143

Tickets issued In Rosarito can be paid in the USA with a check or money order made out to:

H. Ayuntamiento de Rosarito
P.O. Box 439060
San Diego, CA 92143-9060

Tickets issued in Ensenada can be paid by sending a check or money order made out to:

Municipio de Ensenada
PMB 147 P.O. Box 189003
Coronado, CA, 92178-9003

For the cities of San Felipe, Tecate and Mexicali, traffic fines must be paid at the police station.

In Mexico, the traffic fines are generally much lower than in the US and will usually cost you between $15 US to $60 US.

If the traffic cop insists on paying a bribe (mordida), ask for his name, badge number and tell him that you want to go the police station to file a report. Baja is cracking down on crooked cops and not paying the bribe will help in this effort. Also, you will find that the fine you actually pay is almost always much less than the bribe the crooked cop asks you for.

When faced with a fine that you consider unfair, you can contest the fine by filling an appeal (Recurso de Inconformidad), either in person or in writing, for a Municipal Judge to review. To do this, immediately go to the nearest Municipal Judge within the police station; if you need information on how to do this, call the Tourist Assistance Hot Line 078.

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