Moving to Baja Full/Part Time Should we? How to Do It? Moving Furniture, etc...

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Confused Cheap Waterfront Lots-SOC

Does anybody know anything about this (failed) development? Maybe LongLegs?

Welcome to Riviera-La Paz
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Default Re: Cheap Waterfront Lots-SOC

The only things I can tell you is based on the location on the crappy map they provide is:
  • It's WAY off-grid
  • On Google Earth it starts about 24-17-10-48 N & 110-37-57-71 W & extends up just below San Juan de La Costa.
  • It's closer to 60-75 minutes from La Paz (my nickname is Parnelli Jones & it takes me about 45 minutes to get from Centenario to San Juan de La Costa & about a 20-25 minute run for me into La Paz)
  • I'm not too worried about the beaches I go to get green rock being sold off during my lifetime!

Personally, I don't feel the prices are all that great for how far off-grid the property is. The smallest listed lot is 504 sq meters & it's SOLD, next is 564 sq meters. Prices start at $25K....but most of the lot sizes are appreciably larger, as I imagine the prices would be.

My last waterfront property between Centenario & Comitan was 802 sq meters for $23K....on-grid.

IMO, there are better deals to be had on-grid & closer to La Paz....but I'm aware that different people are looking for different types of properties & many would love the's beautiful for day trips, but I personally wouldn't want to live out that far.

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