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Confused Where can I recycle Plastic & Glass Bottles & Cans?

I just can't bring myself to throw cans & bottles into the trash or burn piles, I know others do but I've got bags & bags of them. I've heard that there are some places near San Quintin but the directions are vague. I'm not an environmentalist but burning plastic is just wrong & it stinks. Any suggestions or good directions??
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Default Re: Where can I recycle Plastic & Glass Bottles & Cans?

Conchita - we separate all our recyclables and there is a place in Lazaro Cardenas on the south side where they will buy your aluminum, non-aluminum metal, plastic and glass. I just give all of ours to a neighbor in La Chorera who takes it to town and let him keep the cash so I don't have the exact location to give you. I will ask him when I see him and see if I can get you better directions. If you just stop and ask at the Pemex on the west side of the highway when you first hit Cardenas I bet they can point you right to it...

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