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Default TRIP REPORTS/ ROAD LOGS from past trips

Here are some trip road log details from the recent past that may serve some future Baja explorers!:

I have scanned through my trip pages at and extracted road logs from my trip pages for easy reference.

Since these logs accompanied photos and maps in the web pages, if there is a log of value you see below, I suggest finding the trip web page at and checking it out there.

These logs are in order by year recorded, 2001 to 2007. In the beginning, I used GPS a lot even without recording milages... later, I went more and more to using milages more than GPS for ease of use. Both of my Toyota's odometers tested out very close to accurate, however your's may not be, so any important point or final destination does have a GPS waypoint in the log or in the web page by a photo. Note the map datum setting for GPS waypoints are either WGS84 or NAD27 Mexico, be sure to match your GPS's setting.


GPS Waypoints: L.A. Bay Hwy. North to Rock Palm Hill

Jcn.Mex.1 & L.A.Bay Hwy. (abnd. Parardor) N 29°02.763' W114°09.169'

Road north for Desengano,Yubay, Rock Palm Hill N 29°04.314' W114°02.414'

Fork: Rt. to Yubay, Palms; Lt. to Desengano N 29°06.836' W114°01.650'

Desengano Mine Ruins, open shafts! N 29°06.984' W114°01.871'

Fork: Rt to Yubay; Straight for Rock Palm Hill N 29°09.174' W114°01.396'

Rock Palm Hill area campsite N 29°12.727' W114°00.580'

Above waypoints using map datum WGS 84

================================================== ========


JCN. hwy.1 & L.A. Bay hwy. N29°02.76' W114°09.17' 0.0 mi.

TURN NORTH onto dirt road N29°04.31' W114°02.41' 7.0 mi.

FORK right (left is Desengano, 0.3 mi.) N29°06.84' W114°01.65' 10.0 mi.

JCN. go right (ahead to rock palm hill, 4.2 mi.) N29°09.17' W114°01.40' 12.8 mi.

RIDGE TOP, 4WD only beyond N29°10.19' W113°59.77' 14.8 mi.

END OF ROAD in arroyo/TRAIL is straight across N29°10.29' W113°59.65' 14.9 mi.

TINAJA DE YUBAY N29°10.69' W113°59.26' 15.5 mi.

note: milages are direct, not road miles.

================================================== ============


Hunfreville's Hut at Las Cuevitas: N29°03.30' W113°32.35'

Casa Diaz, Bahia de los Angeles: N28°56.77' W113°33.55'

Camp Gecko, south of town: N28°54.05' W113°31.73'

Las Flores (jail house): N28°49.10' W113°31.77'

Jcn. with old road south: N28°40.77' W113°25.45'

Arroyo to Las Venecas: N28°39.40' W113°25.86'

Site of Paredones, Jesus' ranch: N28°36.81' W113°24.59'

Road ahead to La Bocana & San Pedro, turn sharp left (east): N28°28.40' W113°23.47'

We turn right, off road here: N28°28.01' W113°20.46'

Tinaja de Santa Maria: N28°26.09' W113°20.02'

================================================== ==========


Graded Road at Mexico #2: N32°34.33' W115°47.40'

Dry Lake Road at Mexico #2: N32°34.57' W115°44.67'

Jcn. Graded and Dry Lake Roads: N32°13.06' W115°42.29'

Entrance Guadalupe Campo #1: N32°09.40' W115°47.33'

(2009 update: Arturo's Campo #1 with its popular private hot tub camp sites is closed down)

================================================== ========

GPS DIRECTIONS: Gonzaga Bay to Mision Santa Maria (map datum NAD27 Mexico)

Take Hwy. 5 south 7.4 miles from Rancho Grande, turn west: 29°41.094'/ 114°24.566'

3.2 miles west of Hwy. 5, go straight where most traffic curves left for Las Palmitas: 29°41.278'/ 114°27.639'

0.8 miles from above, park at huge boulder: 29°41.68'/ 114°28.20'

Hike to north bank of Arroyo Santa Maria to: 29°41.733'/ 114°28.175' elev. 609' (ECR-1)

Go northwest and climb out of valley, note ocotillos.
Along left side of side valley: 29°42.374'/ 114°28.566' elev. 741' (ECR-2)

On first padre built switchback up: 29°42.669'/ 114°28.937' elev. 906' (ECR-3)

On a ridge, trail continues northwest: 29°42.671'/ 114°29.425' elev. 1308' (ECR-4)

On the Camino Real: 29°42.748'/ 114°29.482' elev. 1391' (ECR-5)

Crossing ridges and little mesas: 29°43.008'/ 114°29.967' elev. 1477' (ECR-6)

Drop along side of ridge, trail narrow: 29°43.074'/ 114°30.128' elev.1610' (ECR-7)

End of today's hike just beyond this last clear sign of the old trail: 29°43.141'/ 114°30.189' elev. 1702' (ECR-8)

Junction of ECR & bulldozed road: 29°43.126'/ 114°31.753' elev.1413'
(End of bulldozed road, on canyon ridge: 29°43.033'/ 114°31.556' elev. 1,615' )

Mision Santa Maria: 29°43.891'/ 114°32.794' elev.1628'

================================================== ======

TO MATOMI CANYON via Cañada el Parral and out via Arroyo Matomi

GPS DATA (with elevation) @ map datum NAD27

Nuevo Mazatlan: 30°43.31'/ 114°42.32' (22 ft.)

Tour route west at Hwy. 5: 30°43.44'/ 114°42.82' (44 ft.)

Old main road south, near sulfur mine: 30°42.76'/ 114°46.73' (347 ft.)

El Parral Canyon road: 30°41.51'/ 114°46.42' (397 ft.)

Fork: left to lower Matomi (17.7 mi.), go right (for Parral): 30°41.30'/ 114°47.22' (482 ft.) Pass through mountain to Valle Chico.

Valle Chico and Parral road junction: 30°35.21'/ 115°03.99' (1,780 ft.)

Arroyo Matomi, end of Valle Chico road: 30°29.63'/ 115°01.52' (1,937 ft.)

Rancho El Matomi: 30°27.40'/ 115°04.82' (2,466 ft.)

Jcn. road north 17.7 mi. to Parral road: 30°29.78'/ 114°50.12' (736 ft.)

Hwy. 5 (10 mi. north of Puertecitos): 30°29.42'/ 114°39.99' (112 ft.)

================================================== =====


GPS and Mileage Notes (map datum NAD27 Mex.)

0.0 Camp Gecko Driveway (4.1 mi. so. of pavement/ town): 28°53.96', 113°31.85'

5.7 The old Las Flores jail is 0.3 mi. to right.

8.1 Poor road ahead (28°46.98', 113°32.00') to reach the railroad terminal platform (3 mi.). Main road bends left. Platform at 28°44.73', 113°32.54'

18.5 Old road south via La Bocana valley 28°40.72', 113°25.41' (rejoins main road after 33 rough miles.)

22.3 Las Animas road, turn left 28°40.52', 113°21.72' (stay left at both forks, going in)

33.6 Bahia las Animas 28°48.57', 113°21.34'

(1-2-09 update: Possible mission-era ruins passed 2 miles from Las Animas. See for details)

================================================== ============


To find this piece of El Camino Real, take Mexico Highway 1 to Km. 80+ (almost K-81) about 14 miles from El Rosario.
There is a sharp curve to the left and here a wide dirt road turns off to the right (south). This is the road to Punta San Carlos (36 mi.).

Go just 0.5 mi. and turn right on the dirt road going west.

Go 1.4 miles on this road and park. You are on top of the ECR route.

The Camino Real hike begins at 30°01.167', 115°33.260' (map datum NAD27 Mex.) elev. 973'. The old trail goes straight towards El Rosario (northwest).

================================================== ========

ACROSS BAJA (Hwy. 1 to Hwy. 3) via Mike's Sky Rancho (GPS datum is NAD27)

Highway 1 (at Paved 'Observatorio, San Pedro Martir' road): 0.0 miles, 0:00 hours, 123' elev., 30°58.01', 116°09.24'

San Telmo: 5.7 mi., 0:09 hrs., 310', 30°58.13', 116°05.45'

Hacienda Sinaloa: 11.4 mi., 0:18 hrs., 483', 30°56.93', 116°00.67'

Road south (El Carricito, Valladares), stay on pavement: 16.9 mi., 0:27 hrs., 529', 30°56.55' 115°56.28'

Road north (Buenavista), stay on pavement: 17.5 mi., 0:29 hrs., 564', 30°56.96', 115°55.90'

Take road north to El Coyote and Mike's: 30.1 mi., 0:55 hrs., 2,611', 30°58.60', 115°45.91'

El Coyote driveway west (go east for Mike's): 34.8 mi., 1:08 hrs., 2,958', 31°02.23', 115°45.50'

Los Encinos road east (go north for Mike's): 39.3 mi., 1:41 hrs., 3,405', 31°03.43', 115°42.17'

Alternate (northwest) road in from El Coyote: 41.5 mi., 1:57 hrs., 3,852', 31°04.33', 115°41.12'

Rancho Simpson and Tepi road to north: 43.4 mi., 2:09 hrs., 4,570', 31°05.18', 115°39.72'

Mike's Sky Rancho: 46.6 mi., 2:41 hrs., 3,992' elev., 31°06.57', 115°38.10'

Part 2, Mike's Sky Rancho north to Hwy. 3

Mike's Sky Rancho: 0.0 miles, 0:00 hours (see above for other data)
Rancho El Conejo road: 5.1 mi., 0:21 hrs., 4,108', 31°09.94', 115°39.17'

La Cieneguita road northwest: 5.7 mi., 0:24 hrs., 4,115', 31°10.46', 115°39.30'

Rancho San Javier road: 8.3 mi., 0:30 hrs., 4,287', 31°11.70', 115°37.52'

Rancho San Antonio: 9.8 mi., 0:37 hrs., 3,956', 31°12.40', 115°36.72'

Road to west (Alberchigos): 13.3 mi., 0:48 hrs., 3,583', 31°15.16'. 115°36.00'

Rancho Picacho road south: 16.8 mi., 0:57 hrs., 3,438', 31°17.77', 115°35.06'

Highway 3 (just east of San Matias): 19.8 mi., 1:03 hrs., 3,143', 31°20.24', 115°34.39'

================================================== =========


Highway 1, southward from El Rosario 14.6 miles (between Km. 80-81), turn right at the left curve. GPS: 30°01.59', 115°32.05' (Map datum set to 'NAD27 Mexico')

Go 17.4 miles on the good graded dirt road to a single track road going left. If passed, just ahead is a ranch house on the right and there is a second left road that joins the first. Set odometer to '0.0'. GPS: 29°49.64', 115°28.42'.

Pass ranch houses ('Malvar') and make an 'S' turn right, into Arroyo San Fernando. You soon will be reach a (possibly) closed gate at Mile 3.5. Always re-close any gate after you pass through.

Mile 5.2, (GPS: 29°52.53', 115°25.22') turn LEFT off of Arroyo San Fernando road, and follow a small side arroyo. Brush may scratch your vehicle in here.

Mile 5.4, (GPS: 29°52.69', 115°25.26') turn RIGHT, out of small arroyo and cross low divide to small valley.

Mile 7.2 LAS PINTAS parking area. GPS: 29°53.90', 115°24.48', elev. 755'. You are 24.6 miles from Highway 1 and 39.2 miles from El Rosario's Baja Cactus Motel and Pemex gas station, per my odometer.

Trail to the right of the boulders is the best way to the top, then cross over to other side and try the more difficult trail to get back down. Straight into the boulders from the parking area are tunnels, passages, and boulder shelters. ENJOY!


EL ROSARIO HIGH COUNTRY TRIP (via Los Martires, El Cipres, El Socorro)

Trip Road Log (in miles) and 21 GPS waypoints (Map Datum NAD27)

0.0 Leave Hwy. 1 (28.5 mi. from El Rosario Pemex) at cafe just past Km. 103, head north. 30°03.81', 115°20.87'

2.5 Fork, go left

3.6 El Sauzalito ruins on left at 30°05.89', 115°21.76'

4.9 Cross San Juan de Dios river 30°06.83', 115°21.28'

5.2 Fork, go right (left goes back to El Rosario via La Vibora grade) 30°07.04', 115°21.33'

5.4 Fork, go left (right goes to San Juan de Dios) 30°07.22', 115°21.42'

11.7 Fork, go right (left goes to Rancho Los Martires)

13.5 Cross Arroyo Los Matires/ Arroyo Grande 30°12.37', 115°26.33'

13.7 Road in from left to Rancho Los Martires. Rancho San Antonio is passed about five miles ahead

21.3 Fork just north of Arroyo El Portezuelo crossing, go left (right goes to San Miguel and La Suerte) 30°18.42', 115°42.28'

26.1 Fork, go left (right goes to ranch). Only 4WD beyond here.

27.8 Bulldozed switchback grade to ridge top 30°22.26', 115°29.21'

31.9 Fork, go left (right for La Suerte) 30°24.79', 115°29.21'

32.6 Jcn. with old El Socorro to La Suerte road, turn left 30°25.18', 115°29.72'

33.2 Jcn. with road north to El Agua Escondida 30°24.97', 115°30.27'. A second road north is at 30°24.28', 115°31.51'

37.0 'Petroglyph Park' 30°24.19', 115°33.38'

39.2 Fork, go left (right goes 0.9 mi. to blue palms and beyond) 30°23.58', 115°35.01'

41.2 Jcn. road south to El Canuto 30°22.51', 115°36.24'

43.4 El Cipres (abandoned ranch) 30°22.10', 115°37.98'

49.4 Fork, go left (right to Nuevo Odisea) 30°21.56', 115°42.80'

54.8 Jcn., road in from left to Tres Palmas 30°19.96', 115°46.82'

54.9 Old road to north (to Nuevo Odisea) 30°19.94', 115°46.85'

55.5 Join road along south side of river valley, turn right 30°19.66', 115°47.25'

57.1 Hwy. 1 near El Socorro (Km. 24-25). El Rosario is 20.0 mi. south. 30°19.25', 115°48.77'

================================================== ==========


The road log for the trip is in three parts:
Log 1 is El Rosario to Punta Baja.
Log 2 is Punta Baja to the coastal road south.
Log 3 is the coastal road on south.

The first section we drove was the well traveled road from El Rosario to Punta Baja (10.5 miles). Here is a road log to Punta Baja:


0.0 Leave Hwy. 1 at the sharp 90° curve in El Rosario and head west for les than 500 feet to a left turn. Turn left and enter the river flood plain then take fork to right following the river course with some (usually safe) water crossings.

1.0 (one mile) from Hwy. 1, you will reach the south bank of the river and enter the town of El Rosario de Abajo. Pass the school, museum, El Rosario's second mission site, some homes, etc.

2.5 (miles from Hwy. 1) a road turns left (south) and heads uphill. This is the route south for the coast beyond Punta Baja. It joins with the route we traveled via Punta Baja in 5.6 miles. We continued straight ahead (west)...

2.9 Turn left (south) for Punta Baja. Ahead is a 4WD road to La Bocana Beach 2.2 miles (log below).

8.7 Road left, to continue south along the coast: GPS is 29°58.39', 115°47.17' (NAD27). We drive straight ahead to Punta Baja first then return to this point.

9.9 Arrive at the fishing village of Punta Baja. A road once went south along the coast from here, but was washed out requiring the detour at Mile 8.7.

10.5 miles from Hwy. 1 the road ends at the lighthouse on Punta Baja.


We return to the junction (Mile 8.7) and turn right to continue south, along the coast.

Reset odometer to 0.0. (Point A on map)

0.6 Take left fork

0.9 Reach original coast road that came directly from Punta Baja, but was washed out. Turn left. GPS 29°57.69', 115°46.79' (Point B on map)

We try to use the road that stays as close to the coast as possible and we arrive at a little cabin where a German lady named Gloria lives with several dogs. The road drops steeply into the gorge by her cabin.

5.6 After passing a striped mountain (see photo, below), we reach the main coastal road south that branched at Mile 2.5 in Log 1.

GPS 29°57.88', 115°43.77' (Point C on map). Reset odometer to 0.0.


0.0 Junction of road west from Punta Baja and north from El Rosario that branched at Mile 2.5 in Log 1. (Mile 0.0 is Point C on map).

1.6 GPS 29°56.58', 115°43.32' (Point D on map) Road to the right to Agua Blanca. Continue ahead. Pass by several roads to the coast.

2.7 Road to the coast

5.3 Road to the coast

13.3 Road goes through a (dry) mud canyon as it crosses Arroyo San Vicente (see photo, above).

15.2 Fork, we go right to stay closer to the coast.

19.6 Arrive at the coast with a 'bird rock' just off shore.

20.5 Punta San Antonio fish camp with a concrete boat ramp! GPS 29°44.65', 115°40.64' (Point E on map).

23.4 Cross Arroyo San Fernando

25.2 Road comes in from back, left (northwest). This may be the road that branched at Mile 15.2.

27.3 Campo Nuevo, a big fish camp at GPS 29°41.90', 115°36.05' (Point F on map).

31.4 Leave coast and head east.

33.7 Arrive at the Punta San Carlos road. GPS 29°40.78', 115°32.09' (Point G on map).

Punta San Carlos is 6 1/2 miles to the right and Hwy. 1 is 31 miles to the left (at Km. 80/81, 14 miles from El Rosario's 90° curve).

================================================== ====

TO EL MARMOL and EL VOLCAN, from El Rosario

Road Log (Miles)

0.0 El Rosario Pemex Station

14.6 Punta San Carlos Jcn.

28.5 Los Martires, San Juan de Dios Jcn.

31.5 El Descanso

31.6 Monument to Hector

37.8 Old Road to right, Mision San Fernando access

39.4 El Progreso, signed San Fernando road

46.2 Santa Catarina Jcn. (original shipping point for El Marmol's onyx)

46.4 Guyaquil Jcn. (new home for many of El Marmol's residents after 1958)

54.2 San Agustin abandoned trailer park

54.3 Abandoned gas station San Agustin

54.4 San Agustin highway maintenance complex

56.1 (former) Military Checkpoint at abandoned Tres Enriques cafe

56.5 EL MARMOL JCN. (signed 15 kms.), just beyond is the Cafe Sonora

9.3 from Hwy. 1 is EL MARMOL at 29°58.20', 114°48.53', elev. 2,190'

4.0 from El Marmol is Arroyo El Volcan (take right fork at mi. 2.0)

0.4 to the right/south, up the arroyo is EL VOLCAN at 29°59.55', 114°46.22', elev. 1,885'

================================================== =============


0.0 mi. Turn Right off highway at the sharp bend in town.

Continue west passing by the road left to El Rosario de Abajo and Punta Baja.

0.8 mi. Fork, go right.

1.2 mi. Fork, go right... road heads uphill.

1.5 mi. Pass palapas and banana trees, climb hill.

2.2 mi. View point, see La Bocana beach.

2.6 mi. Go straight, left is a poor road.

2.9 mi. Fork, go left... Ahead is a locked gate.

3.0 mi. Fork, go left... Right is the entrance gate to Diamante Del Mar.

3.6 mi. Fork, go ahead/ left. Right is a poor road.

3.9 mi. Fork, go right, to the beach.

5.3 mi. La Bocana Beach

EL ROSARIO to LA BOCANA (Valley Road, 4WD)

0.0 mi. Turn Right (west) off Highway 1 at the sharp curve in El Rosario.

In about 100 yards, turn left on road for El Rosario de Abajo and Punta Baja.

Cross over El Rosario river culvert pipe and soon turn right in the river valley, some water crossings before reaching the south bank of the river and entering the town of El Rosario de Abajo.

1.5 mi. El Rosario Museum, on left. Photos taken inside at can be seen at

1.6 mi. Rosario de Abajo mission ruins, on right.

2.5 mi. Road left for Punta San Antonio and the coast south of Punta Baja.

2.9 mi. Road left for Punta Baja, continue ahead (west).

3.1 mi. Turn right for La Bocana, deep water crossing soon.

4.2 mi. Come to a fence, turn left to opening then continue west, Deep sand ahead.

5.1 mi. La Bocana Beach



0.0 Rancho Santa Ynez, take road through left gate, north of ranch.

0.9 FORK, go left/ uphill.

1.8 Deep Gully, 4WD climb out (if this scares you, go back!).

2.4 Rock pile, a road to left, go straight/ right fork.

4.7 Cement monument off to left (tracks continue past monument).

5.6 Arroyo crossing with palms.

9.9 Peninsular Divide, view of Punta Final on the gulf.

13.3 Top of the 'Widowmaker' grade.


15.4 Road enters sandy Arroyo Santa Maria, after very steep downgrade.

15.7 Turn left, out of arroyo (may be hidden by plants). Tracks ahead in arroyo end in 1/4 mile.

15.9 El Camino Real climbs to the left, up hillside. The mission trail stays out of the canyon, along the north ridge and returns to the arroyo at the east end of the canyon.

16.0 Roadbed washed out. Park and hike on to end of bulldozed grade to see petroglyphs, canyon view, Indian trail to canyon bottom.

Photos at
================================================== ==========

Road Log 194.7 miles from Hwy. 1 to Hwy.1

The route along the Pacific is a way one can experience a little of what it was like to drive the length of Baja before Highway 1 was constructed between 1967 and 1974 (Dec. '73).

The route shown on the map is almost 200 miles and there are no services or fuel until Santa Rosalillita or beyond at Villa Jesus Maria.

Total (and partial) mileage shown from my Tacoma odometer. AAA map mileages for the same section of road were the same or very close to mine.

0.0 (0.0) Take the signed right turnoff to 'Santa Catarina (32 km)' 46.9 miles from El Rosario's Pemex. The road is between Km. 132 and 133. Just ahead (on Hwy. 1) is the road left to Guayaquil.

This is a good, fast graded road for the first 30 or so miles and it is fun to drive through beautiful cactus gardens.

7.2 (7.2) Road in from left to San Agustin along the old route from El Marmol... where onyx blocks were trucked to the Pacific at Santa Catarina Landing to be shipped north.

19.2 (12.0) pass through tree shaded Rancho Santa Catarina.

21.1 (1.9) Fork, left to Punta Canoas and right for Santa Catarina Landing... we go right. The road climbs to the the top of a ridge and then drops down to the coastal plain. The original road used to haul onyx over can be seen to the north.

36.3 (15.2) Fork, we first take right fork and it goes 3.4 miles to fish camp 'Punta Blu'... dead end, so back to this fork and take left branch.

37.3 (1.0) Road left is the route south... ahead goes 1.0 mile to Santa
Catarina fish camp, on the beach.

38.1 (0.8) Turn left and head away from coast.

47.3 (9.2) Come to the Punta Canoas road which forked at Mile 21.1 above. Turn right.

51.3 (4.0) Road to left... we continued straight.

52.3 (1.0) Road to left... we continued straight.

55.2 (2.9) Junction... Ahead goes 1.1 miles to high, look out/ view point, above Punta Canoas... To continue south, turn left.

58.5 (3.3) Join with road heading south (probably coming from the roads that turned left at Mile 51.3 and 52.3).

62.0 (3.5) Puerto Canoas Fish Camp.
Reset odometer to 0.0 for the next section of the road log.
0.0 (0.0) Puerto Canoas Fish Camp.
We first travel across the arroyo valley to investigate a modern, large home/ building near the beach... then head east.

1.8 (1.8) Big house facing beach on south side of arroyo. Head east, as no road is seen going south, close to the beach.

The auto club map shows the road we are on and we make camp at Mile 8.0 at the base of a pointy hill... about where the mileage '13.9' is shown on the AAA map.

The Baja Almanac only shows this road as a trail. Our first night camp is to the east of the word 'Mujeres' (an arroyo) on Almanac Map 17.

17.4 (15.6) Pass a pair of graves and come to a cross road at an abandoned ranch. This should be the road from Hwy. 1 near Cataviña going to Faro San Jose. We turn right.

19.6 (2.2) Cross road, fenced entrance. Continue ahead.

21.5 (1.9) Join newer, graded road... continue ahead.

22.6 (1.1) Green school(?), fork to right.

33.1 (10.5) Road in from right, continue ahead.

35.5 (2.4) Fork, go right.

37.4 (1.9) Road to El Mirador to right, continue ahead.

39.6 (2.2) Arroyo San Jose fish camp.

We want to stay near to the coast, and find a poor 'Jeep' road that does just that. After 6 slow miles we near Bahia Corbin and drive out onto the point on the north side of the bay for a lunch break. Finally, a beautiful looking beach... but a fish camp is there, too.

46.0 (6.4) Bahia Corbin, north end camping area on side road, just off coastal road.
Reset trip odometer to 0.0.
0.0 (0.0) Bahia Corbin. Return short distance to coastal road by fish camp and continue south.

8.8 (8.8) Arroyo La Pintada valley and road to east (to Laguna Chapala?).

10.4 (1.6) A second road going east which I am pretty sure is the unmapped road to Laguna Chapala on Hwy. 1.

16.0 (5.6) Road to coast at Bahia Blanco. We continue south.

The main road swings inland along Arroyo El Sauz, but we see a lesser dirt road cutting across the marsh (was dry) area staying nearer the coast and take it. This is not shown on the AAA map or Almanac.

21.7 (5.7) Meet newly graded roadbed on south side of Arroyo El Sauz. This soon follows the 'poor' road location shown on the Almanac and AAA map.

29.3 (7.6) After lots of silt on the graded roadbed we come to the north-south (now graded) road between Cordonices and Punta Maria. We turn right on the fast road, or better called 'dirt highway'.

34.5 (5.2) Road to right goes to Punta Cono. We continue south.

42.2 (7.7) Bahia Maria beach, near Punta el Diablo

43.0 (0.8) El Cardon ranch.

46.1 (3.1) Road to beach 0.4 mi., just south of Punta Lobos.

We are pooped from so much hard driving and want to make camp, so we go to the beach for a look.

We drive down the beach to find a camp site in the Valle los Ojitos dunes. A sea lion (lobo) is on the shore... photos.
0.0 (0.0) Beach road (Punta Lobos/ Valle los Ojitos)

6.8 (6.8) Road west to El Marron fish camp (near Punta Prieta/ Punta Negra). Road (or dirt highway here) heads away from the coast around the Sierra San Andres.

17.0 (10.2) Cross Arroyo San Andres

17.2 (0.2) Road west signed to '3 Alejandras' (Puerto San Andres).

21.1 (3.9) Come to PAVED Santa Rosalillita highway, turn right for the coast. (Hwy. 1 is about 8 miles to the left)

22.1 (1.0) FORK, Escalera Nautica Harbor is 1.2 miles to right. Straight ahead goes to:

22.5 (0.4) Santa Rosalillita village on the beach. Gas and supplies available.

Reset trip odometer to 0.0 for the final section of this coastal road log to Hwy. 1 via Punta Rosarito.
0.0 (0.0) Santa Rosalillita. Take street parallel to the coast south... road soon turns inland and crosses Arroyo Santo Dominguito, eventually returning nearer the beach.

This is a slow, rough road and is only advisable if you seek a wide, sand beach that stretches for miles in both directions.

11.0 (11.0) Road to west to coast at Punta Rosarito.

15.4 (4.4) Road has been following a rocky shore for a few miles and now leaves the coast.

18.1 (2.7) Highway 1 at Km. 63 (63 kilometers south of the Bahia de los Angeles junction).

Nuevo Rosarito is almost 7 miles north and Villa Jesus Maria (Pemex station) is 19.8 miles south.

Photos at


Some notes collected on the drive out to Asuncion and on south along the Vizcaino coast... from our 7/07 trip.

0.0 (0 hrs.) Vizcaino on Hwy. 1. Go west on Bahia Tortugas highway

11.4 Rancho San Francisquito road

46.6 (45 min.) Bahia Asuncion JCN. (turn south/ left). Graded dirt road west/ straight to Tortugas.

Road left is newly paved towards Asuncion, traffic is detoured onto parallel dirt road.

54.0 End of new black top, work continues.

73.3 (1 hr. 45 min.) after passing through the town of Asuncion, we arrive at the Blowhole Bed & Breakfast (Juan & Shari's home).

The road to San Roque leaves Bahia Asuncion on Curvina Street (next to the police station) and is an easy 7.8 mile drive.

TO SAN IGNACIO, via Punta Abreojos

0.0 (0 hrs.) Bahia Asuncion at the San Roque road (Curvina Street/ Police station)

4.2 JCN. Main road back to Hwy. 1 at Vizcaino to left, we continue straight ahead parallel to the coast.

21.2 Punta Prieta fishing village

26.5 San Hipolito fishing village

51.9 (2 hrs.) La Bocana, town with paved main street.

62.5 (2 hrs.15 min.) Punta Abreojos, large town with paved main street (we drive around a bit looking around before heading out)

71.9 Campo Rene road (Rene is 2.8 miles east)

76.0 New Pavement!

115.9 (3 hrs.15 min. driving time) Hwy. 1. JCN. San Ignacio is 15.2 miles east.


HWY. 3 (near El Alamo road) EAST to MANO CANYON and on to GUADALUPE CANYON:

June, 2003, after watching the Baja 500 race with my son (photos at, we continued east to drop off the Sierra Juarez to the desert below, then turned north to camp at Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs.

The road is shown in the AAA Baja map and Baja Almanac topo map book You may follow along with either, but the Almanac offers superior details, although not totally accurate.

My GPS waypoints are at map datum setting NAD27 Mexico (same as the Almanac).

On the AAA map, note the following ranchos: Agua Blanca (just east of Hwy. 3, opposite the road to El Alamo); Los Pinos; Cerro Prieto; El Mano; and the 'Locked Gate' (it's not).

Leaving Hwy. 3 near the El Alamo turnoff, we followed the race course (not on maps) east from Hwy. 3 to a point just north of Agua Blanca and made camp near a cross road, where the race course turned left/east. Our camp near this crossroad was at 31º42.24'/ 115º54.75' elev. 4,005'.

After the race, we followed the course from that 'left turn' and went up CANADA LAS CORDONICES 5.2 miles (map 8, R-1, Baja Almanac) to...

A junction near ARROYO EL TULE at 31º45.20'/ 115º51.52' elev. 4,663' (Almanac page 6, R-6, bottom edge) The race course turned right (south) here, we continued ahead.

The main traveled road eventually curves eastward through the forest (not shown in Almanac).

Road again turns north at 31º47.89'/ 115º49.25', elev. 5,009'. We just followed the road with visual signs having the most traffic, going the general direction we sought, and it took us the right way.

Soon the road turned to the east, and we arrived at the big RANCHO LOS PINOS (shown on AAA map, but not the Almanac) at 31º48.77'/ 115º46.26', elev. 5,086'. The peak CERRO PRIETO is just north of the ranch. Drive right through ranch property, going east.

Road curves north passing the north side of RANCHO CERRO PRIETO (31º49.23'/ 115º45.34') then turns east (not shown in Almanac continuing east).

Great view looking north along the east side of Sierra Juarez, down CANON EL PALMAR 31º49.12'/ 115º43.01'.

Road climbs a ridge and then drops into the upper end of CANON EL MANO for a long, steep down grade. Painted arrows (graffiti) on boulders from SCORE indicates this was a race course, in the past.

RANCHO EL MANO is seen down in the canyon near some palms, driveway at 31º48.56'/ 115º40.39' near canyon floor.

The road will climb out of El Mano canyon, over the north ridge. Some concrete was dumped for improved traction on a steep pitch. The 'Locked Gate' on the AAA map is a steel cable gate and was not locked or even closed.

The road descends the remaining slopes of the Sierra Juarez and is quite rough heading for the desert floor.

Once at the bottom, the road heads east to a junction with a faint road that continues south along the foot of the sierra, at 31º49.81'/ 115º33.89', elev. 1,271' Turn north, following the arroyo.

COHABUZO JUNCTION 31º55.74'/ 115º36.22', elev. 860'. This point is not named on the map, but is the name used by off road racers (Located to the east of the airplane symbol in the Almanac, and east of Cerro Cohabuzo in the older AAA map). Here is a large level area where pit teams can service their racers. A poor road and race route goes east to the Laguna Salada basin, joins a good road to Ejido Saldana, and reaches Highway 5 (midway between Mexicali and San Felipe).

From Cohabuzo Junction north to Guadalupe Canyon's access is a fast graded road. Cohabuzo to Guadalupe is 29 miles.

Our Baja 500 camp (near Agua Blanca) to Cohabuzo was 36 miles, but don't be in a hurry... this is a great short cut in miles, but not in driving time! Have a great Baja adventure!


AGUA DULCE, LA VIRGEN on the old Baja main road:
(note: use July, 2005 direction, below this 2003 log)

The highway construction water truck road to Agua Dulce is 5.4 miles from Cafe Sonora, (Sonora is just past the signed road for El Marmol). Just past Km. 157 the highway crosses a gully and the faint road goes off to the left (north-east). GPS (NAD27) is 29-52.59'/ 114-51.69'.

The once graded road crosses two deep washouts (4WD) and goes 1.6 miles to the old main road (29-52.99'/ 114-50.11'), where you turn right (east).

Go 0.5 mi. on the old road (note house-trailer off to right) and it brings you to the Agua Dulce road (29-52.81'/ 114-49.58') where you will turn left (north-east).

Agua Dulce is 0.3 mile away at 29-52.97'/ 114-49.38' This waypoint is taken at the pool down in the gully. The road ends on the south side of the gully. The tall, magestic blue fan palm will tell you you have arrived.

Back on the old road, it is a pretty good drive all the way to where it ends near the cave painting parking area/palapa two miles from Catavina. The other direction on the old road (towards Sonora) is very bad, with deep ruts/high rocky crown. In 2000, the Baja 2000 ran through here as did the old Baja races before Highway 1 was built.

The old southern route out from El Marmol joins in 2.4 miles from the Agua Dulce road, it is marked by a small pile of rocks (29-51.34'/ 114-48.52').

1.8 miles further is the original La Virgen shrine and once a tiny store served travelers was across the road, 29-49.87'/ 114-47.97'. A road branches right to Highway 1, a mile away at 29-49.41'/ 114-48.63'. Continuing south on the old main road, it passes through some interesting boulder fields and reaches Highway 1 at 29-45.15'/ 114-44.75', just north of the Pictograph parking area, or about 2.4 miles from Catavina

July 6, 2004: We followed the above road in (along Arroyo Agua Dulce in Almanac) and barely got across one deep gully (thank you locking rear differential). The spring was unchanged, which is good.

On the way out, we turned south on the old main road, as before. See New Baja Almanac Map 16 (E-5), however it shows the old road 'paved', when actually the paved highway is 1.5 miles southwest and parallel to the old road.

The old road goes through a natural granite wall soon after passing the Agua Dulce 'driveway'. Just through the 'wall', a road branches right and goes straight to the highway at 29-51.66', 114-50.35' near Arroyo Agua Chuco on the Almanac. A 'rancho' is across the highway and just west of this better Agua Dulce road.

July, 2005 we revisited Agua Dulce using the newer access road: Agua Dulce... Turn north from Hwy. 1 between
Km. 160-161 (29°51.56', 114°50.35'). Go 1.4 mi. to old Baja main road, turn left for 0.3 mi. then right 0.3 more. Hike into gully.

Photos at:

================================================== =========

North of Bahia de los Angeles 12-02 (unmapped roads)

There is a good dirt road (2WD when I drove it in Dec. 2002) from the L.A. Bay highway over the Laguna Amarga dry lake bed and on to Guadalupe (Remedios) Bay... and another road continues north across a second dry lake (Laguna Seca) to drop into Arroyo Candeleros and reach the gulf opposite the north end of Guardian Angel Island.

0.0 L.A. Bay highway at dry lake road: 29-01.27', 113-47.76'

13.5 'T' junction: 29-11.27', 113-47.15' To the right goes 8.6 miles to a fork (22.1 from highway) where the left fork goes 1.2 miles more (23.3 from highway) to the beach at a large fishing shack (Bahia Guadalupe), 29-12.37', 113-39.27'

Turning left at the T junction...

18.5 (from highway): Dry lake, 'Laguna Seca' 29-13.87', 113-50.67' Made famous in Erle Stanley Gardner's 'Hovering Over Baja'.

At the north end of the dry lake, and at the end of the bug mesa to the east, the road turns sharp right at Mile 22.7 and reaches Arroyo Los Candeleros at mile 27.8.

This canyon is quite colorful as it winds out to the coast at Mile 33.1 from the highway GPS: 29-22.60', 113-44.50' (NAD27).

The beach is all cobblestone and driftwood...

Photos at

================================================== ==========

To Mision Santa Catalina (6-06)

A tiny section of adobe in the corner of what was once the lookout tower... it's the biggest piece of the mission left!

To reach the mission site in Santa Catarina, turn east off Mex. 3 in Ejido de los Heroes de la Independencia, just south of Km. 91 and head east on an easy graded road. Near the 5 mile mark on your odometer, fork right and go downhill then work left through the little town and over a hill to the cemetery... Turn left and go up the hill, above the cemetery... 5.6 miles form Independencia (Highway 3)... GPS (NAD27) is 31º39.63', 115º49.22'. elev. 3,903'.

Photos at (after the Baja 500 pics)

================================================== =====

NOV. 2002:

Sal Si Puedes, NOT!

While at Beach Bob's, we discussed exploring Baja. He told me of a neighbor and friend who wanted to go into Sal Si Puedes canyon, north of L.A. Bay. This was the palm-lined canyon made famous in Erle Stanley Gardner's 1961 'Hovering Over Baja'. Sal Si Puedes translates to 'Get Out If You Can'! To Erle and others it meant Get 'IN', if you can! Earlier this year I emailed with a Baja explorer who did get to Sal Si Puedes from Highway One. I told Beach Bob to tell his friend. I even had the GPS data for the ranch on the mountain above the canyon and the canyon's headwater. I decided to visit the ranch and see the top of Sal Si Puedes.

About 8 miles north of the L.A. Bay highway junction with Highway One, the old L.A. Bay road crosses the highway, going to the southeast. At this same point, a newer road was graded and reached Highway One going off to the northeast (GPS NAD27 N29º09.59' W114º08.63').

It was a smooth, easy climb up the long slope. The Baja 1000 parallel road is crossed 1.3 mi. from Hwy.1. A corral and new well is passed 3.2 mi. beyond that crossing. The road gets a little bumpy as it winds through some boulders at the foot of the mountain. Then, around another bend, my heart sunk... a locked gate! I was 7.1 miles from Highway One and 2/3 the way to the ranch and Sal Si Puedes. BUMMER!!! I climbed the boulder-covered hill to scan the area. I could see the mountain next to Tinaja de Yubay, about 6 miles to the south-east and the road (I wanted to drive) climb further up the mountain. The gate is at 29º12.75'/ 114º03.19', elev. 2,600' (that's a 1,100' climb from Highway One). I drove back a couple miles and stopped to hike around a bit and found lots of quartz.

I got back to Highway One and turned north. At El Crucero (29º14.30'/ 114º09.28'), the race pit vehicles were gone, but a rancher's truck was there... driving through a new gate. If this is ever locked, the old road from San Felipe, Gonzaga, and Calamajue Canyon would be closed at its southern end! I spoke with the man, and he said his new ranch house was nearby and his ranch was also called El Crucero. I showed him a photo of the original El Crucero taken in the late 1960's. I expressed my concern for all the new fences along Highway One and gates over roads. He said his gate would not be locked. But, if it was, one could get to Calamajue by going 6.5 miles north to the water truck access road built for Highway One's construction at 29º17.52'/ 114º14.30'. I mentioned my attempt at reaching Sal Si Puedes was cut short by such a gate. The ranch at the end of that road is called San Luis, he said. Baja was once known as the land with 'hardly any fences'... That too, is changing.

================================================== ========

BLVD. 2000 (BCN #201) May, 2007:

MEXICO at Otay Border: Mile 0.0, Time 0:0

Head straight south, staying in left lanes. Follow signs for TECATE.

LEFT TURN at signal, slight curve to left just before signal: Mile 1.1, Time 0:03

Heading east on Blvd. Industrial... soon becomes divided highway!

Take new highway south, signed for Rosarito, Popotla, Ensenada (toll highway 2-D to Tecate curves to left, see toll gate, Big Horn Sheep monument almost unseen heading south): Mile 6.0, Time 0:13

Free Hwy. 2 (TECATE) interchange, continue south then southwest: Mile 13.0, Time 0:22

Cross the Rodriguez/ Tijuana reservoir and head into the hills...

Pass under the toll highway (Mex. 1-D) and come to the free highway (Mex. 1)... Mile 31.3, Time 0:38.

They will have it connected to the toll highway, but that work seems stalled. Too bad, but until then go a few miles on the free road to almost Puerto Nuevo where you can hop on the toll road for free.

Fox Baja Studio entrance is just to your right, Puerto Nuevo and access onto the toll highway is about 6 miles to your left.

That's it, for now! I hope this is of value to Baja adventure seekers who have not seen these logs before.
David K

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