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Default Helping Needy Kids at Christmas - Dia de Reyes Toy Drive

Dia de Reyes Toy Drive 2010

The 4th annual Baja Nomad Dia de Reyes Toy Drive will be held in Rosarito Beach at the Corona Plaza Hotel on January 10, 2010. We have adopted in the name of all of you Baja Nomads 257 needy children that if not for you all will not have a gift this holiday season. The list is a follows:

Ages 3-4 1 boy, 2 girls
Ages 5-6 3 boys 2 girls
Ages 7-8 30 boys, 20 girls
Ages 9-10 35 Boys, 30 girls
Ages 11-12 33 boys, 35 girls
Ages 13-14 20 boys, 20 girls and
Ages 14-15 12 boys and 14 girls

We have received a generous donation of 37 bycicles so we are only short a mere 220 gifts. We will have, the same as in past years tamales, frijoles and hot chocolate for all the children and of course the traditional Rosca de Reyes.

Times are tough, we know because it's the same everywere but we are confident that with God and your help we will be able to provide for these kids abundantly.

I am calling on all Rosarito area Nomads especialy so you can join us for this exciting event.

As every year some of you can not send a gift or find it easyer to make a donation, I am always hesitant with this because of ovoius reasons but this year we have more than double the children as before and there are always extra ones that show up and since it will be in a hotel in Rosarito, many if not all of them will be bused down there. So with this in mind and since we don't have a tamale donor, we are requesting that if you can find it in your posibilities please send us your donations to a special Paypal account

Thank you very much and for those interested in mailing or dropping of a gift, it will be at the same location,
Miss Nidia Puerto is our main contact person.


1655 Broadway,
Suite 10
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone number (619) 426-6516
See Map Below

And if you would prefer, you can contribute monetarily for the meals and transportation and gifts we might be short on using our Paypal account

Mucho amor y agradecimiento a todos,

Fernando Garcia y familia
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Default Re: Helping Needy Kids at Christmas - Dia de Reyes Toy Drive

Thanks Fernando to you and your family for all the wonderful work you so lovingly give for this very noble cause every year...

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