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Default Para la Playa

BigWooo looked everywhere for a vehicle tire innertube in CA without any luck. So we stopped at several tire shops is Ensenada and were loosing hope of finding one. Finally he went in to a llantera and the guy said "sure, we have them. What size do you need 14" or 15"?"

"Hmmm, I don't know " responds Wooo. "Either one should work".

"But what size do you need?" the man asks.

"Hmmm, I don't really know but I don't think it matters very much. Either one will do."

By now the man was looking at Wooo like he was a real moron.

But then his face lit up and he exclaimed "Oh, es para la playa!" , like "Why didn't you say so dummy".

Wooo just smiled and agreed "si, si es para la playa".

He paid the man and brought the innertube out to the truck where he tucked it between the cab and the camper to act as a boot so the cats can go back and forth and not drive us quite as nuts in the confined space when we pull over for the night.

He told me about the tire man's response and how the guy's eyes lit up when he thought the innertube was bound for the beach. We cracked up picturing the guy and his family going over the falls in their innertubes having the time of their lives.
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Default Re: Para la Playa

I think Wooo shoulda 'fessed up to the guy where/how/why he planned on using it!! That's a pretty ingenious idea!! You'll rapidly learn that Mexicans come up with really creative solutions with a minimum of materials all the time! He coulda gotten a lotta mileage outta passing that solution on to others!
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Default Re: Para la Playa

You're learning my friend...

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