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Default Hurricane Norbert Waterspout

After Norbert passed south of us last summer, and surprisingly when the weather was actually settling down, this weird cloud formed just to the west of us:

At the time we noticed the rotation and thought it was out of place (so much so I took a picture), but being such a small cloud we didn't pay much attention after that. In retrospect you can see the funnel starting to form in the lower right of the cloud.

We went about our business then looked up again to see a waterspout plowing across the surf line. I ran in to get my video camera but before I could start filming it had moved over land:

This is a still taken off video so it's not that good a picture. I don't know how strong the winds were, but it didn't pass far from the white house with the exposed Tri-D panels . It only lasted about 3 or 4 minutes but put on a pretty good show.

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Default Re: Hurricane Norbert Waterspout


Good instincts you had....
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Default Re: Hurricane Norbert Waterspout

Mother Nature continues to remind us not to trifle with her as she provides us with powerful, but fleeting performances of her awesome power in so many ways! Your pics captured some of that raw energy! Keep the camera close & keep your head down!

Wooo, thanks for reminding me that I haven't yet gotten around to posting some of my hurricane pics!

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