South of the Border Communications Internet, cell service, Vonage and WiFi at your palapa

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Default AT&T Cell phone in Baja

I was down in Punta Chivato back in June 16th for a week and got to use my new phone from AT&T. It works great in all the major towns on the way down and out at the beach of PC. I've had Verizone for years and they never could help me out to work down south. So I switched. It only costs $5 dollars more for international calls per month but it's the cost per minute that kills you. They charge .54 cents per minute for roaming. Just make your calls fast. Don't gab!!!! So far, I'm pleased. It's better than using the phone cards on our land based, cell phone from Tel-Cell.
Just one person's point of veiw....what say you???
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Default Re: AT&T Cell phone in Baja

AT&T ties into Telcel's network so you should get good coverage/service. If you don't talk much, it really isn't a big deal. The problem is if you have a lot of incoming calls.
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Default Re: AT&T Cell phone in Baja

I moved down start of November 2013 with my ATT Iphone. Called ATT in advance and dug around till they finally mentioned the "Viva Mexico" plan. Allows all my U.S. minutes to be used for incoming or outgoing U.S. or Mexico. Neat!

I deal U.S. with 001 plus area code plus number. No extra charge.

I dial Mexico with +52 then area code and number. No extra charge, just regular minutes.

(Sometimes calls actually work without the 001 or +52, but not usually.)

Incoming texts from U.S. are billed normally, as texts, but I am limited to 50 outgoing texts per month to the U.S. Which means no more chatfests with my little sister! Ah well.

All that costs $30 a month on top of previous U.S. plan. Sounds like a lot but made my exit less traumatic for loved ones Up North.

My plan does NOT include data, so I turned off data roaming. No googling for maps while lost! Data of course is free at home or work or other wifi spots, so I can still use wifi to "Viber" photos back north without paying data fee.

Still need to get a cheap Mexican cell from Oxxo so tradesmen, landlady, maid, and local acquaintances can call me without paying international.

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