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Default FM3 Visa Application & Requirements - Working / Lucrativo

If you intend to engage in any paid activity:

You must have a job offer in Mexico. The company, institution, or person in Mexico that intends to employ you must process your working papers with the National migration Institute. The requisites are as follows:

* Copy of your passport or valid identification and travel document.

* Letter to the National Institute of Migration, on letterhead stationery, written in Spanish, from the Mexican or foreign public or private institution that intends to employ you, requesting your entry, specifying your intended activity, pay, estimated time in Mexico, and place in Mexico where you will be working.

* Documents accrediting your capacity, expertise, and experience in the field in which you intend to engage in activities of a technical or scientific nature, such as diplomas, certificates, degrees, accreditations, academic transcripts, or similar documents demonstrating your technical, scientific, professional, or academic qualifications, duly apostilled or legalized and translated to Spanish by an official expert translator.

* If the applicant is an individual, s/he must:

- Prove that s/he engages in business activities.

- If s/he is a foreign national, valid migration form.

* If the applicant is a legal entity, it must submit:

- Articles of incorporation.

- Last tax return filed (or electronic receipt).

- If it is a foreign national, proof of entry in the National Registry of Foreign Investment.

These requisites do not apply if the prospective employer is a government agency or organization or public institution of higher education.

For family members (spouse, children, or parents) to accompany you, you must prove their status.

To obtain form FM3, you must submit:
- Proof of payment of duties.

- Completed form FM1.

- Five photographs (4X4 cm), 3 front and 2 right profile (2.5 cm from chin to hairline), white background, with forehead and ears uncovered, and without earrings or eyeglasses. Instant photographs are not acceptable.

Important. Foreign nationals must obtain permission from the National Institute of Migration to change or expand their activities.
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